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HORA CERTA MUDANÇAS a Brazilian company ready to serve you, your family and friends
To schedule a collection or for more information, we are at your disposal.

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With HORA CERTA MUDANÇAS your move arrives in Brazil with all safety and guarantee…


Don’t waste time and money playing with luck when it comes to shipping your move…

How it works our service

How our service works

Nº 1

We pick up your order at your address

Nº 2

We ship safely to Brazil

Nº 3

Your order is delivered to the right address!

The Company – Who We Are

HORA CERTA MUDANÇAS provides international moving services

HORA CERTA MUDANÇAS has great experience in residential and commercial moves and transportation. Our professionals are highly trained in handling furniture, belongings, and other equipment.

We plan your move to Brazil minimizing difficulties, with care, efficiency and safety, for the best price.

We pay special attention to all items, especially those that are fragile and of high value. We have partnerships with highly qualified and reliable freight forwarders and agents, both in Spain and in Brazil, who take care of all the international documentation processes with the Spanish and Brazilian customs.

The storage and care of your belongings is in a secure location, and we offer a complete door-to-door service that includes: pickup, shipping, and delivery.

With HORA CERTA MUDANÇAS, it is easier and cheaper than you think.

At standard boxes HORA CERTA MUDANÇAS you pack your belongings and packages and we deliver them anywhere in Brazil.

A complete service including pickup, shipping, and delivery, with total security and convenience.

A Brazilian company ready to serve you, your family, and friends.

To schedule a collection or for more information, we are at your disposal.

Our Commitment

Dedication to service
Commitment to service

Delivery Guarantee

Door to Door
Satisfaction guaranteed
Full Monitoring
Appropriate Solutions
Delivery to the right address

Services – Our Products

Exclusive Change

An exclusive move is one in which the carrier is contracted by a single customer. Your move will be transported in a non-shared container

Small Changes

It is a move with few belongings, very dear to you, and should be treated with great care.
We adjust the price because we will ship your furniture in a shared container


Ask for a standard box with any of our commercials. Put your belongings in, when it is full, we pick up and take care of everything so that it is delivered worry-free and on time to your address in Brazil.

Tracking your orders


Contact by WhatsApp or by email with our Logistics Center Brazil in Santos SP.
To do the tracking, type in the service order number, recipient’s name and city.

Help … Frequently Asked Questions …

Delivery time for my orders in Brazil

The delivery time of the Hora Certa Mudanças is usually up to 60 days from the collection of the box may take 30 or even 60 days according to the destination address of delivery in Brazil. Usually North and especially Northeast Brazil are destinations of slow delivery due to high freight costs and interstate bureaucracies.

Can I ship gasoline, diesel engines in my gear?

None of the above items are allowed as part of the move, even if they are used. Any type of fuel-powered engine must be new and shipped as imported. Taxes will be charged according to the law and the IRS table.

I would like to send drinks inside my boxes, is that possible?

It is not possible

Can I ship wheels and tires for my car in Brazil?

It is not possible

I can bring my tools and work equipment

Yes. As long as it is related to your area of work. Example: if you are a master builder or a spinning top you can take your work tools with you. The IRS has the right to demand documents related to your profession

Tips for packing your belongings using the standard Boxes rout your objects and don't save on packaging.

– Center the contents in the box provided by Hora Certa Mudanças, surrounded by a liner (bubble wrap, Styrofoam balls, or foam pieces).

– Protect fragile items inside a box, then place it inside another BrasBox modified for Hora Certa with a layer of at least 2 inches of padding

– Cover the pointed or protruding ends with sheets of corrugated cardboard or tuck-in.

– If there is a risk of damaging or soiling the contents during transport, place them in a protective container.

– Do not exceed the box weight specifications (max.60 kg).

– Do not wrap the outside of the box with paper.

– Do not send dangerous or prohibited materials or goods in the box.

– When assembling the box, close first both the smaller flaps (ears) and then the larger ones (do not close the box by crossing the flaps)

Products not allowed

– Inflammable

– Perishable food

– Weapons

– Toxics

– Plants, seeds and fruits

– Quantities that characterize trade

– Cash, jewelry, checks, and travelers checks.

– Any material or product whose content has a hazardous nature or that may soil, corrupt or otherwise damage packages or equipment of the Hora Certa Mudanças

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